Pausing Mindfully

Reflections on Meditation Practice and the World

Share with me moments
The narrow space
Between past and future
The forever of the present …
Within a collection of poems inspired by the insights and transformation that a meditator experiences, both on and off the cushion, Riitta H Rutanen Whaley reflects on diverse topics. Her words encourage an introspective look within for the answers to all of life’s most complex questions.
While exploring a wide range of global experiences that include growing up in Finland, working in Pakistan, and living in the Middle East and South Asia, Riitta chronicles her inner journey while offering her touching views on environmental changes, the practice of meditation, and painful encounters with people in conflict. Throughout her collection that includes photographs, Riitta encourages us to embrace the present moment with kind curiosity while trusting it to guide us toward skillful action and to uncover compassion, joy, and peace within.
Pausing Mindfully is a volume of poems that explores the life experiences, meditation practices, and inner journey of a woman focused on living in the present.